VITO acts as prime contractor for the MEDUSA camera development. VITO is responsible for the general project management, system performance analysis of the payload and the development of the Camera Image Product, an on-ground processing and archiving facility for the received payload data.



Apart from VITO, MEDUSA has 9 industrial subcontractors, most of them based in Belgium. Below is a list of all partners with their contribution to the MEDUSA project. Clicking on the logo will open a new browser to the website of that partner.

ON Semiconductors

ON Semiconductor - Image Sensor Business Unit develops a custom wide-swath CMOS sensor exhibiting 10000x1200 pixels, electronic snapshot shuttering and a small pixel size.

Inertial Science

Inertial Science provides the Inertial Measurement Unit for attitude measurements.


Lambda-X develops an optical system realizing a 30 cm ground resolution from 18 km altitude.


Orban Microwave Products develops a small light-weight GPS antenna.


Septentrio provides a dual frequency L1/L2 GPS receiver for accurate positioning of the image data.


Thales Alenia Space Antwerp provides an S-band transmitter and antenna for sending the camera data to the ground control station within a radius of 150 km around the UAV.


Vector International develops the Front-end electronics of the CMOS sensor and a Command & Data Handling unit for on-board pixel processing and compression.

QinetiQ Space

QinetiQ Space is responsible for the system integration and test of the payload.